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This May, Make it Happen.

Happy May!

With this new month and the coming of summer,

I’m here to give you a boost to make your goals reality!

May and spring is a wonderful time to start things, try something new, grow and bloom.

What might happen if you started the goal or change you have wanted to today?

If the thing you have long been thinking about, you started right here and now?

In two weeks, you will feel the boost. (May 16th)

The boost of excitement, motivation, and feel good that comes from actually going for your goals; actually doing the thing that you have been waiting to do, talking about, hoping for; choosing to show up for yourself.

You will feel the workout boost your energy, mood, confidence, and ability.

You will see yourself showing up and ride that I can do this!

In four weeks you will notice and feel the change. (May 30th)

The changes will start to happen.

Your mindset will start shifting.

Your awareness will grow.

Your skills and tools to keep going will expand.

You will notice yourself making the change, doing the thing that you have been thinking about.

In six weeks you will willpower yourself to keep going.

Because let’s be real, motivation does not last. Some days and weeks we just got to get ourselves to do the thing. Willpower grows our resilience to continue showing up for ourselves even when it is hard to. And! Building a sustainable and adaptable routine that is designed for you makes getting yourself to do it just that little bit more doable.

Bonus: your coach, support team will be there to boost you up through the ups and downs as you build resiliency to keep showing up for yourself.

In eight weeks you will learn and maintain it. (June 27th)

The small shifts, new actions, things that you add into your life and routine will shift from new to I got this.

You will learn how to make this routine an adaptable part of your life that you can stick with.

The new actions that felt hard to get yourself to do, will start to feel more natural and a part of your go to’s.

In 10 weeks you will go further than you have before. (July 11th)

With the right support, routine, and plan you will keep going past when you might have stopped in the past. You will keep yourself going through schedule changes, traveling, summer break, life being life.

In 12 weeks you will make it routine and sustain it. (July 25th)

It will start to become a natural, more easy to do part of your daily life and routine.

The more you do it, the more doable it will be.

It will start to feel a more natural part of you, who you are, and what you do. So that you can keep going with your routine and adapt when needed.

In 15 weeks you will believe it. (August 15th)

You will believe that you can do it, that you can keep doing.

Those changes will start to come into your emotions, energy, thoughts. You will see yourself continuing to show up for you. Your belief and trust in yourself, your abilities, your possibility will expand and bloom.

In 18 weeks Notice it. (September 5th)

As you go up hill, pick something up, put on a piece of clothing you will notice the shift.

You will go up the hill with more ease. You’ll reach the top of the stairs and maintain your breathing.

You will pick up those groceries, bag of kitty litter, dog food, kid with more ease without thinking much about it. And afterwords, you’ll think oh wow I did that!

Your confidence in your strength, ability, choices, and self will flourish.

In 20 weeks you will live it! (September 19th)

You will sustain the changes and shifts you made.

You will see your progress blooming and thriving.

You will have the skills, tools, routine, and habits to make your goals a liveable reality that just keeps growing.

You will wonder how you got here -this time because you had been hoping and day dreaming of feeling this way for so long.

Have you wanted to make a change, go for your goals, do something for your health…

Yet it keeps getting pushed off,

You’re waiting for the right moment,

Life keeps life-ing.

And suddenly you are thinking,

ugh I should have started months ago, a year ago, years ago.

Instead of beating yourself up thinking I should have already started.


How awesome I am doing it now?

Hell yes I am showing up now.

F* it I am starting now.

We cannot change that we did not start.

We can change that it has not happened.

By starting now.

By making the choice to stop waiting and take action now.

By continuing to show up.

By celebrating and acknowledging that it was hard to show up and we are.

The hardest part about going for your health goals?


Starting to take action.

Starting that coaching program you have been wondering about.

Starting to workout.

Starting to make the change.

We have to start with the first step.

Then we have to keep starting each action that we take to support our goals.

The way that you finally just do it; just start; actually make it happen?

You make the choice that now is the time.

There is no perfect time to wait for.

Right here. Right now.

Is the right time to make your health a priority.

Investing in your health now will only accrue into your future!

You are your greatest investment.

How are you showing up for yourself right now?

Your coach,


I help women who struggle with their relationship with their body, food and health build a sustainable routine to prioritize their wellbeing. So they can feel strong, capable, pain free, and at home in their body.


Today is May 2nd,

Ready to make your health and self a priority this summer?

Now is the time to start.

You are the greatest project you will ever work on.

Start. Restart. Try. Retry. Refocus. Shift. As many times as you need.

Always believe that you are worth the investment, work, time, energy, and choice.

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