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Giving Up When Things Get Hard?

This Wednesday,

Let’s dive in a little deeper.

Because sometimes we just gotta ask ourselves the hard questions to help ourselves make the change.

Why do you give up when things get hard?

Take a moment and reflect back, ask yourself here:

Why have I stopped?

What has led to me starting my goal, change, thing; doing it for a bit; yet somehow stopping?

Why do I set plans and not follow through with them?

What happens when I miss a day? Do I stop for the rest of the week? Give up?

Give yourself a second here, to get honest, get real with yourself.

It can feel easier to blame it on life: 

things got busy, hectic, overwhelming, 

I just had too many things on my plate.

Now, yes this is real, valid, true sometimes. Yet it should not stop us from starting again.

Many times, it is what we are telling ourselves that determines if we keep trying.

What would it take to keep yourself going?

Many of my clients have come into my program saying I did x thing for a couple weeks, a few months. But I lost steam and stopped. And just didn’t get myself going again.

I have been working on a weekly project for 400 weeks. Now this is a creative art project, that is also equally a showing up for myself project. Catch a fun little snippet here :) 

I set a goal to film myself dancing once a week and share it. As a way of keeping myself active and connected to my artistic self.

This project has grown into many things beyond the small action itself.

I am not always perfectly on time or consistent.

Some weeks I am late. I have to make a shift.

But like many things in life, I have learned that being flexibly consistent and still sticking with things is life.

I still hold myself to an adaptable goal.

While giving myself grace with life is life-ing.

400 weeks adds up to something huge overtime. And wow has this weekly little project blossomed through time.

A little reminder for you, that small things done adaptably consistent over time become big things.

How do you keep yourself going even when it is harder to?

-Know why it is valuable to you

-Hold yourself to it

-Being adaptable

-Not beating yourself up for the times you missed. Celebrating that you have and will continue.

Find your little moments that keep you going when you could stop, could give up, could just say oh I missed so much already might as well stop and maybe start again one day.

You can keep going past when you have stopped before.

You can turn a little task into something powerful, meaningful, and life changing.

Sometimes we have to keep our base goal small so that we can consistently stick with it through the easier days and the harder days.

For the longest time, I would make it a few days, a few weeks on one of the goals on my smartwatch.

Now, I don’t take smartwatches or trackers as meaning everything. They are a fun addition to your health routine.

What I found,

When I would hit my tracker goal consistently; it would suggest raising the goal. Leaving you with a higher number to hit.

Which is awesome on the days that it gives you the extra push and boost.

Yet is overwhelming when you are just trying your best that day and that number is way too far away.

And when I continued raising, it I would stop and give up.


I kept the base goal as a lower target.

What this did:

It allowed me to still hit it on the hectic, crazy busy, off, or weird days.

To keep going and feeling accomplished on the days I might have given up in the past.

And it gave the opportunity to crush that goal and go over on the good days where things were grooving and the target goal came more easily.

If you have felt stuck, stagnated, overwhelmed by your goals, the hopeful actions that you set out to do.

If it feels like you keep trying and lose momentum or are wanting to try and feel stuck in possibility.

Start out and shift to a smaller starting target.

Thinking of it as our base target.

When we start out smaller,

It feels more doable,




We actually start, we do, and we are more likely to keep following through.

Now, yes you do have to show up and keep showing up for that base target, for yourself, for your goals.

You are an investment, a project, something worth showing up for.

I made a little shift to my base target tracking and went from a streak of maybe 20 days to 30, 35, 40, 42, and 50 plus.

And wow that boost of yea I still made it happen, even on the day I found myself thinking ‘oh I don’t know if it’s still gonna happen today’; feels amazing!

What is your doable base target for a goal you are working on?

Your Coach,


I help women who struggle with their relationship with their body, food and health build a sustainable routine to prioritize their wellbeing. So they can feel strong, capable, pain free, and at home in their body.


Bonus opportunity for support, accountability, and comradery join my free Facebook Community where I and a fantastic community of women will be there to root you on, lift you up, revel in the struggles, celebrate your wins along the way!

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