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Multi-Media Dance Work



I have been captivated by the possibilities and artistry of Dance for Camera work ever since I took my first class in college. The ability to capture dance, create new and reinvent possibilities, change the perspective, and choreograph through filming and editing fascinates me. I love the ability to create a piece specifically for camera and to reinvent a piece by putting it on camera. My work has ranged from solo projects to group collaborations to documentation of work and work for publicity. Currently I have been crafting weekly short video moments(under 1 minute) as an ongoing personal creation project. These can be found on my Instagram channel: Rina.arina and in my blog on this site. I am interested in all aspects of dance for camera production and am available for work and collaboration in all areas.  

Raw Bare Crave

Spring 2015

Performed at the University of Montana in Dance In Concert and Dance New Works, and in the community in Rhythmic Motion.

This work explores the interaction between live dance and projection. In the piece, I dance live with a projected film of myself. Through this interaction I play with revealing layers of myself, my vulnerabilities, chaos and control, and altering the environment and context of the dance. 

Choreography and Videography: Arina Hunter. 

Lighting Design: Shay Feigi

Costume Design: Paula Niccum

Rippled Together

Collaborative dance for camera video created for the Opening Concert of the American College Dance Festival at the University of Montana in 2014. I developed a base movement phrase, which I sent out to all of the schools attending the conference and asked them to make it their own. From their submissions I created this film bringing all of the unique artistic communities together in one dance with the idea of bringing together our aritistic communities as part of the theme for the conference of Converging Communities. The film was shown as part of the Opening Concert for the conference.  

My Escape

A video dance exploring being involved in all aspects of video production including filming, dancing, choreographing, editing, and creating the sound score. This video was selected to be presented at the American College Dance Festival at Southern Utah University in March 2013.

Dance In Concert Teaser Video

This teaser trailer was created for the University of Montana's 2013 production Dance In Concert. 

Rhythmic Motion Promo Video

Teaser Promo Video for Rhythmic Motion -An evening length dance concert exploring the body as an instrument in movement. 

Rhythmic Motion Indiegogo Video 

This video was created as a quick sneak peak and promo video for my senior show for my BFA in Dance from the University of Montana. 

For more of my Dance For Camera work check out my blog on this site, Instagram (Rina.Arina), and my youtube channel (arinahunterdance). :