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You are your Greatest Project. Where to Start...

Soft spring reminder,

You bloom when you bloom.

The flowers unfurl, blossom, become more vibrant at different times.

We do not say a lily failed because she sprouted later.

That the poppies bloomed too late.

That the daisies are behind.​

We celebrate when the petals unfurl.

When the magical bloom bursts open.

Celebrate the beauty in your growth.​​

There’s still incredible beauty in the petals readying to open.

In you working, growing, building to the unfurling bloom.

It brings joy seeing flowers bloom in fields of vibrancy, and even more joy seeing the color burst when you don’t expect it.

How magical it is to catch the bloomers through summer and fall, even winter!

Your timeline is yours.

Continue to water, nurture, support, and allow yourself to flourish and thrive on your timeline.​​

Ready for additional support as you sprout, blossom, and thrive; stay tuned my coaching program opening soon 🌻​

You are not behind in your health, fitness, career, motherhood, family desires, future plans, financial savings, strength and longevity, mindset and mental health, learning and education, in becoming the person you want to be, or living the life you want to live.

You are the greatest project you will ever work on.

Retry. Restart. Refocus. Reframe. Reset. As many times as you need.

Never give up on yourself.​

Through life,

There will likely be many versions of you.

With different priorities, top values, and big moments.

Your career may change,

Where you live may shift,

The things you want in life may adapt and evolve,

It’s okay if your life goes through shifts, changes, learning, blooming, adapting, and expanding.

Life is going to have challenges,

Bumps and twists are going to come in your path,​

Through it all,

You are your greatest project.​​

Becoming the you, you want to be.

Living to your values.

Feeling whole in yourself.​

You are worth the effort, time, energy, focus,

You are worth doing the hard things.

You are worth continuing through it all.​

The things that you do to prioritize yourself will grow with you through each and every chapter, through every challenge, through every new level.

Investing in your health, fitness, nutrition, and wellbeing continues to accrue and expand over time.

The time and energy that you put into yourself now grows further for future you.

Strength training now -multiples your muscle mass, bone density, resilience, stability, agility, and ability to continue to move and do what you love as you age.

Putting effort into your sense of self; education; mindset; relationship with your body, with exercise, with food; is an investment that keeps growing.

The sustainable, true change you make grows the goals and lifestyle of current and all future versions of you.​

You are an investment worth continuing.​​

Yourself is your greatest investment.​

I am your coach here to support you as you find what works for you, discover your sense of self, and make big things happen in your health and life!

While staying true to your core values, the things you love and enjoy, and yourself.

Where to start?​​

Your mindset is more important than exercise or diet.​

Exercise, nutrition, and daily habits are the stepping stones that turn your goals from an idea into daily reality.

Your mindset is what sets you in motion, takes your first step, and pushes you through to keep going when things get difficult.

If you want long term , sustainable change,

To keep going past the point you have stopped in the past,

To make your goals reality and not just an idea that you are waiting to make happen,​

Your mindset is where you need to start.​​

Jumping onto another quick fix diet,

Busting it to the gym for a couple weeks,

Or setting a strict schedule and plan for yourself,

Is going to set you up for a short burst and fizzle out.

You likely will only be partially into it,

You won’t fully believe that your health goals can be your daily reality,

And you will struggle to keep going.

If you have struggled to stick with a goal for your health in the past,

What did you truly think about your ability to make that goal happen?​​

Be honest with yourself here.

Did it feel truly attainable?

Did you believe you would fully follow through?

Was it something that you could stick with for weeks, months, years?

Did you keep going when things came up, life got busy, or a wrench was thrown into your plans?​

Did you say yes to all of these?

Great! Your mindset was on your side and helped you push through.​

No? That’s okay. You are not alone.

And this is an opportunity to explore and grow!

I love to look at health, fitness, nutrition, and wellbeing as an exploration, experiment, and discovery into what works best uniquely for each of us.

There is no one size fits all. Or a copy and paste.

You are unique, detailed, and special,

And your health will be as well!

Ready to make the shift and actually take the action?

Ready to go for your health goals? Or take the next steps?​

Start with your mindset.

How do you do that?

Let’s chat! And help get you going on next steps 😊


Your Coach,




I help women who struggle with their relationship with their body, food and health build a sustainable routine to prioritize their wellbeing. So they can feel strong, capable, pain free, and at home in their body.




This is a little bonus booster for the mamas!

Mama you are doing a workout just living mom life.​​

You are:

Doing bicep curls to pick up -kids, babies, objects, items.

Doing row to grab baby from the floor, the diaper bag, car seats.

Pushing strollers, shopping carts, car doors,

Doing lots of squats. To sit and stand. To use the restroom. To get on the bed. To play on the floor.

Lunging to get to and from the floor. To pick something up.

Deadlifting to pick things up from the floor.

Lifting baby, toddler, kid, groceries, packages, items.

Carrying groceries, kid/baby, items.

Catching toys, objects, food.

You are using those muscles.

You are strong.

You are working hard.

And! That strength will carry over into your workout.

Those muscles will show up for you as you strength train. As you move intentionally for yourself.​

I have moms tell me they have been super sedentary and have not worked out. While intentional fitness is different, they are still using strength and moving their body in daily mom life.

I have moms come into their workout nervous, feeling they need to start with the smallest weights. And we find they can do more! They can lift more than they thought, than they were giving themselves credit for.

How cool that all that strength supports us in our workout and in our daily life!​

I like to ask them,

how much does your baby/kid weigh?

And you can lift them!

Now it’s different to lift them once or twice than to shift that weight 15 times. Yes absolutely.

It gives you a nice boost to know you can and then find an in between weight that feels a doable challenge.

So maybe instead of grabbing those 3 pound dumbbells, you could grab the 5, 6, 8, or 10 pound dumbbells (depending on the move!).

You can try out those 5lb dumbbells and then hold the confidence yea that was doable, and try the next ones up the next time. Remember you can always start with a weight and switch as you go.

And! How awesome that you can lift those 20, 40, 50 plus pounds of moving, wiggling, doing what it wants to kid. You are strong.​

Use it as a boost for your body trust, confidence, and I can do this workout!​

And use that mom strength to show up for yourself, your health and wellbeing and bust out a mom workout with me!

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