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Arina Hunter

Women's Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset, and Health Coach.

Dancer. Choreographer. Teacher. Artist. 

About Arina

 I have deep passions for movement, community, and helping others to live their best lives. As a dancer, teacher, and coach I love the ability to share, engage, and connect deeply with others. In my artistic work, I am compelled by raw human experiences and the rhythms of the body in motion. In my wellness programs, I help people to live their most enjoyable, sustainable life and reach their wellness goals.


What I Do

Sit Ups

Online Fitness Programs

Designed for you

In Person Training

On Location In San Francisco

Group Classes

Build within Community



Arina Hunter Dance

Dance Performance

Freelance Artist in San Francisco

Multi-Media Work

Video editor

Client Testimonials

"I definitely 100% recommend Arina Hunter wellness guru for anyone who is interested in starting or pursuing or pushing their wellness journey. She is a fantastic coach who meets you where you are and where you’re at and takes your goals seriously. 
When we first started, we did a little session to figure out where I am and what my goals are. And I could really tell that she tailored the workouts and her messages and all of my tracking. It was all tailored to me and what I needed. So definitely take her up on it.
For those on the fence, the hardest part is getting started. And this is something that Arina and I have talked about. Just get up put one foot in front of the other. If you don’t feel like you can do the workout, just try the warmup. See how you feel after that. After the warmup if you feel like you can keep going, keep going. And I promise it does get easier. The hardest part is just getting started. 
Spread the news far and wide Arina is a fantastic coach and I really appreciate that she is interested in everyone’s overall wellness. And not just the numbers on a scale or the number of weights that you are lifting or whatever. I really really like her approach, it’s very approachable."


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