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You cannot change that you haven’t. You can change if you will.

Have you wanted to make a change, go for your goals, do something for your health…

Yet it keeps getting pushed off,

You’re waiting for the right moment,

Life keeps life-ing.

And suddenly you are thinking,

ugh I should have started months ago, a year ago, years ago.

It feels discouraging, disappointing, frustrating, overwhelming, ugh why didn’t I just do it?!

It starts to feel more and more disheartening. Like the changes that you want, your goals just keep feeling further and further away. Harder and harder to reach.

You tell yourself when the timing is right I will start.

When x happens I will start. When the kids go back to school. When work gets less busy, When life feels less crazy.

Yet those things come and go,

The work stress stays,

The busy running around between x, y, and z is still happening.

And you still have not started.

You still have not made the change.

You are still waiting right where you were. Maybe even feeling worse.

Feeling more and more like ugh I just can’t do this.

Oh how I wish I could just do one thing and it would all be better, I could see and feel my goals, I would just feel good

Ugh if only I had just started sooner. If only I could make all those challenges at once and be at my goals now.

Instead of beating yourself up thinking I should have already started.


How awesome I am doing it now?

Hell yes I am showing up now.

F* it I am starting now.

I am and can do this right here and now -and that will build into what I have been longing for.

I will start right here and now -and that is the right time.

I will start small and as I can and that is the right amount. I will make this happen because I can and it is valuable to me.

We cannot change that we did not start.

We can change that it has not happened yet.

By starting now.

By continuing to show up.

By celebrating and acknowledging that it was hard to show up and we are.

By making the choice that right now is the time and that you can do it.

By knowing that not happened yet -is yet and not ever. 

You can make it happen. You can take the first steps and the next steps.

You can’t shift the things you did or did not do in the past. You can shift how you respond, act, take action, and show up now.

Let’s let go here and now today of the you could’ve, would’ve, should've. And focus on the you can, you will, you get to, you are.

The things we can change: -the actions that we take -how we respond to the things in our life

The hardest part about going for your health goals?


Starting to take action.

Starting that coaching program you have been wondering about.

Starting to workout.

Starting to make the change.

Starting to change how you eat.

Starting that action you need to do again and again and again.

You have to start with the first step.

Then you have to keep starting each action that you take to support our goals.

Continuing to show up starts with starting.

Continuing to start taking each action along the way. To show up, to make change, to do the workout, to shift your nutrition, to prioritize sleep

The way that you finally just do it; just start; actually make it happen?

You make the choice that now is the time.

There is no perfect time to wait for.

Right here. Right now.

Is the right time to make your health a priority.

Investing in your health now will only accrue into your future!

You are your greatest investment.

And your health is an investment that will support your future exponentially over time.

You can start as feels doable and realistic for your unique, personal life right now. You do not have to start with everything -and likely that would only last so long anyways.

You make big things happen by starting with the small step, by building the strong foundation, by building layers as stable & ready.

Big walls are built with many bricks. The intricate jigsaw puzzle with many pieces and through many stages of build.

You make your goals happen by taking step by step by step. Small piece building into bigger pieces. By getting the ball rolling along the path. And having a clear plan can help that ball to keep rolling and growing into the bigger.

How are you showing up for yourself right now?

Today, choose to show up for you. For your health. For your future self. For your goals.

You can choose to make it happen. You can choose to start with the very first step today.

The very first step might look like:

Making a clear plan and foundation.

Doing the very first thing to do the action you want to do. Setting out the workout clothes. Putting on your shoes to go walking.

Reaching out to and connecting with a coach.

Finding the piece that has been missing: the accountability, the clear you got this plan, the motivation boost, the support and understanding that you can make it happen starting here and now.

Have you felt stuck, discouraged, lost, overwhelmed in your health, your goals, your wellness journey?

Hit reply and know that you are not alone. It is okay if you wish you had started sooner. And you can start right here and now -and make those big things happen now and into the future.

Your Coach,


I help women who struggle with their relationship with their body, food and health build a sustainable routine to prioritize their wellbeing. So they can feel strong, capable, pain free, and at home in their body.

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