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What stories are you telling yourself?

What stories are you telling yourself?

-I am too busy

-Every time I try I fail

-Nothing ever works out for me

-I am lazy

-I don’t have the time or energy for anything

-Everything is always hard for me

-I can't actually make my goal happen

-I'm just not the type of person things happen for

Have you said one of these or something similar to yourself?

How did that affect the way you acted, responded, or tried to do what you wanted to do?

The stories we tell ourselves can change how we go into a situation or experience. They can shift how we view ourselves, our capabilities, our likelihood of success, or our ability to actually make it happen.

I recently noticed that the story I was telling myself about a big action that I want to make happen was actually that I didn’t believe that I could or would.

As I went into each action that I was doing that was supporting my goals, I wasn’t actually believing that they were going to get me there or that I was truly capable of it.

Although I continued to do things that were supporting my goal,

I continued to struggle to feel I was making any progress.

It felt discouraging,

and the longer I didn't see or feel the results I was hoping for,

The less and less I truly believed it would ever happen.

And those beliefs came into each step and choice I made.

Making it harder and harder to continue to try, to keep going, to show up.

As I became aware of this story,

I have been able to start to notice and shift my stories to better support what is important to me, my values, goals, who I want to be, and how I want to be living.

I started saying that it will happen, be successful, flourish, bloom, thrive, be reality and more. 

You can do it.

You got this.

You can make it happen.

You can show up for yourself.

You are worth the work.

As I repeat these intentions, I start to believe it more and more.

And I can feel the difference in the way I am approaching the actions and tasks that support my goal!

As I shift my stories -the way I approach each step along the journey is shifted along with them. 

I go into the action that I am taking with hope and belief that it will build into my bigger goal.

Trusting that these smaller steps and pieces will expand into that bigger change and progress.

The stories we tell ourselves are not always the whole picture. They don’t determine how things will forever go. And they can change!

You are not stuck to the stories you have been telling yourself -no matter how long you have been saying them.

You are in control of shifting your own stories.

You are in control of how you respond to the events, circumstances, and experiences around you.

You are capable of making that goal, change, or shift happen. You are capable of showing up for yourself. You can find the support, plan, steps that you will allow you to finally make it past the place you have gotten stuck or stopped in the past.

What stories have you been telling yourself?

I’d love to know, hit reply and know you are not alone 😊

The first step is building awareness of what our current stories are saying.

Noticing which are helping and supporting,

and which are holding you back or keeping you down.

Your stories are yours to shape, change, and hold.

Hit reply and let me know how a story you have been telling yourself has been supporting or restricting you.

Wherever you are in your journey, know you are supported, you are not alone, and you can make it happen.

I have a coaching program that helps women who struggle with their body image, relationship with food, and body pains build a sustainable routine to prioritize their health. So they can feel strong, capable, and at home in their body.

It works because this unique combination of mindful eating, movement, mindset, and sustainable lifestyle change is designed from working with incredible women like yourself who are ready to make lifestyle change over temporary change. No more sticking with it for a month or two and falling off track.

It is different from everything you have tried because it is designed, built, and adapted to you and your real life. It breaks from all the fad diets, short term trends, and self judgment. It makes the big changes that you have dreamed of one day feeling into daily reality. Making health feel simple, not more complicated. Like an easier piece within your schedule and not another chore. Taking out the overwhelm, uncertainty, and stress. It takes into account your life, values, needs, and experience.

Your Coach,


I help women who struggle with their relationship with their body, food and health build a sustainable routine to prioritize their wellbeing. So they can feel strong, capable, pain free, and at home in their body.


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A free and easy to join challenge in my Women’s Health and Wellness Community.

Throughout June there will be fun ways to up your hydration, to drink and eat water, to explore the role hydration plays in your body and life, and accountability & support to make your goals happen.

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