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Spring Awakening... to What?

Happy Spring,

I have been thinking lately about the phrase “spring awakening”.

As the flowers are blooming, the sunshine is lasting longer, things feel greener.

The start of spring is one of those times of the year that makes me feel refreshed and hopeful.

I think this is what’s meant by the phrase “spring awakening,” and I love it…

So, I’m wondering what you think about it.

What are you awakening your heart and mind to?

What can you begin to see in ways you haven't seen before?

And in ways that supports your growth and highest good?

I see two paths.

The first takes you to general thoughts about trying to be more mindful, healthy, and perhaps of service to yourself and others.

The second has more specific posts: doing a push up; running a first 5K; feeling good in a special outfit; getting in 5,000 steps a day; taking the kids on a special trip, etc.

Today I am drawn more toward the first road. I envision myself becoming more in tune with nature – probably because I naturally gravitate to it more this time of year.

This causes me to feel secure and grounded – while also like I’m blossoming in the sunshine of my blessings and open to what the future brings.

I don’t mean I’m approaching life passively these days. I mean that I’m enjoying the process of becoming…

  • The best partner

  • The best friend

  • The best coach

  • The best version of me that I can be…

Now, maybe your spring awakening is filling your heart with ambitions to fulfill specific desires in the next few months, and that’s great.

I don’t think there’s a “one size fits all” answer here.

Just follow the natural themes of rebirth, rejuvenation, freshness and light… try to be vessels for the bounty of living… and see how this spirit infuses your healthy choices around exercise, food, rest, and relationships.

Here's to spring flowers blooming and sunshine evenings!

A wonderful time to rejuvenate ourselves.

Your Coach,


I help you feel confident, comfortable, and strong in your body and health. To enjoy life!


Looking to start, get more consistent in, or add to your home workouts? I’m going to be sharing the tips to get you started and keep you going. Including what tools to start with and add in. And how to actually get yourself to do the workout, even when you do not feel like it. Pop into my free Facebook Community to catch it!

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