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Resilience: How Working Out Prepares you for the Hard Things in Life

This week I was thinking on resilience and how we get ourselves to do the hard thing, even when it's a little bit harder to do. I want to share with you how my clients have built resilience, strength, and drive to stick with their goals, with prioritizing themselves, with their values through the challenges that life brings them.

The weight you lift doesn’t get lighter, you get stronger.

Just like in life,

Those challenges, struggles, hard to do things,

Don’t really get easier.

You get better at handling, managing, balancing them.

The more that we do hard things,

The more we show up for ourself even when it is hard to,

The more that we follow through with the thing that we planned and intended to do,

The better we get at doing things, even when they are challenging.

Doing hard things in your workout builds resilience for the hard parts of living life.

Getting yourself to still cook dinner,

To follow your set time to prep for going to sleep,

Following through with the intentions you set for yourself.

These things start to feel easier the more that we do them -because we get stronger, more capable, and we trust and believe that we can do them!​

When you treat your health as second priority, choose to put those actions to the side,

You tell your brain that it is okay to put off your health.

You lose trust in yourself to follow through and actually make it happen.

When you treat your health, yourself as a priority, as worthy of putting energy, focus, intention into,

That energy will help you to show up when life inevitably gets harder.

The more that you do hard things, show up for yourself,

The more you will believe that you can.

That your goals are possible.

That you are capable. Unstoppable. Able to keep going through anything that life throws into the journey ahead.

Our workouts are a great opportunity to build the resilience, focus, and drive that we need to show up for life, our health, our priorities, and values.

Building resilience -physically, mentally, emotionally, as a human is a goal many of my clients have.​

My clients want to build their resilience to:

-Continue to show up for themselves

-To lift heavy things

-To keep going when things are challenging

-To show up for themselves when it is harder to

-To make it through challenging weeks, stress,

-To support themselves through pregnancy, labor, postpartum, and recovery​

Doing hard things in your workout prepares you for the hard things of life.

When lifting weight,

We learn the difference between this is challenging and I want to stop,

and I have reached my safe max for today and it is time to stop.​

We learn how to keep showing up to the workout on the days that we don’t want to, that we are tired, that life is busy and stressful, that it just feels harder to do.

My clients learn to trust their body, their strength, their ability.

To believe that they can try lifting something heavier than they have before (and oh how wonderful it is when their eyes light up when they do! Want to feel empowered in yourself, work to lift something heavy).

​The more that we do hard things, the easier it is to get ourselves to do the hard thing.

The more you do hard things in your workout, the more prepared you are for the hard things that will come up in life.

Life happens. Things get hard.

Things do not always go as planned.

The resilience we build in our fitness goes into our overall self.

Want to feel good in your health, your body, yourself?

Build the resilience to continue to show up for yourself even when things are difficult.

A common chat I have with clients is discovering how they push themselves,

get themselves to do one more rep,

believe that they can safely lift a heavier weight,

trust that they can continue when things are hard,

that they can shift and adjust when needed and keep working towards the things that they want and enjoy.​

Doing hard things in your workout builds resilience for the hard parts of living life.​

How do you get yourself to do hard things?


Your Coach,


I help you feel confident, comfortable, and strong in your body and health. To enjoy life!



I will be opening up spots in my online coaching program soon. Message me if you’d like first notice when they open 😊

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