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Release Stress, Tension, and Reset within your Day

Today we are going to explore stress relief and some ways to pause within your day (while getting in more movement!)

My clients have been busy, hectic, overwhelmed, rushing between tasks, meetings, family needs, commitments, you name it.

We have been using these tools to help them to refresh, release, and ground within their work day (at home, the office, with the kids, out and about).

That you might find helpful if you've been feeling the hectic spring vibes as well.

These are for you if you:

-sit for work

-experience stress within your day

-Spend a lot of time in one position or repeating the same actions

You can do these as a tiny pause within the day, between tasks, or even while completing a simple task.

3 Quick Ways to Get More Movement and Release Stress During Your Work Day:

-1. Set a cue or reminder to get up, stand up, walk around every hour (every 2 hours, 3 hours if those feel more doable)

This will help get blood flow into your legs and joints that get stiff.

Will help to activate your glutes, which fall asleep with as little as 30 minutes of sitting.

Will straighten your legs, that tighten into the hip and low back.

Take a couple minutes to stand up during tasks that allow. Walk around the office, the room, the house.

You can set a stand reminder on your phone, tracker/smart watch, into your computer calendar.

Stand up. Walk or shift in place. Walk around the room, office, home. Use your standing desk.

Shift environments for 30 seconds, stand, and look out the window.

Shift positions if you have been standing in one spot.

Just get up from your chair for a moment.

-2. Stretch, Move.

Whether seated at your desk or workspace, standing, on a mat if available.

Take a couple short moments to move your head, shoulders, wrists, spine, hips, ankles, knees.

Lengthen your low back,

Move your hips,

Twist your spine,

Release the tension held in your shoulders and neck,

This could be 3-5, 10 minutes.

Or a couple 20 seconds breaks as doable.

-3. Take a moment to breathe.

Take a couple big breaths. A 30 second break between tasks and things demanding your attention. At the end of the meeting. When the baby is down to rest. While your morning coffee, tea, or breakfast is warming.

Try to relax your neck and shoulders;

Let your breath settle down into your rib cage and belly.

Inhale take in new air, new energy. Let it expand through your lungs, ribs, diaphragm, and into your low belly.

Exhale let it release, relax.

Often when we are stressed, thinking, tense, busy; we start to breathe up into our shoulders and neck. Our breath becomes smaller, more restricted, tighter.

We can relax and release tension from our body, brain, and lungs by slowing down for a couple of breaths.

Even one big inhale and let it out sigh can enliven the day!

Little intentional moments like these can help to naturally bring more movement into your day and release stress and tension.

And can help to boost your mood, energy, and experience within your day!

Bonus! Adding some moments of additional movement can make a big impact in your goals, your body, and your enjoyment of life.

Tiny and mighty! Little things can have a huge impact.

Pick one of these three tools and try it out today.

Then share with me what you discover 😊

Your Coach,


I help you feel confident, comfortable, and strong in your body and health. To enjoy life!


Take a nice deep breath with me.

Inhale. Slow hold hold hold hold.

Exhale ahhh out out out out.

Give your shoulders a little wiggle.

Relax your toes.

Exhale let your shoulders drop down away from your ears.


and tell yourself,

I got this.

Thanks for taking this little pause and reset with me.

Take it with you into your day.

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