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Movement Moment No. 162

Mid week grooves when your body needs to move


I’ve felt pretty all over the place recently with life. And moments like these, dancing around, in the sun, the living room, the sand, help distill everything back to the preset.

I have been in going through a job transition for the past few months. Trying to bring my art and love of movement to the forefront. Currently by working in fitness to support my art making. There have been set backs and off roads, but you have to keep believing that the right ones are coming and everything, every situation is leading you to where you need to be. Lots of soul searching, future life planning happening. Sorting through potentials of where you could want things to go and how you build to them. When my brain is foggy, or my mental state is lower, movement always helps to bring things back to the present movement. To distill from the what if's in the mind into the reality of breath, body, movement in this current moment here and now.


Background Music: “All Things (From ‘Queer Eye’) Betty Who

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