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More powerful than motivation is…

More powerful than motivation is…

Ever felt like you just needed more motivation and you would make that thing happen?

So often you hear and talk about motivation.

It’s among the top things my clients come to me looking for more of.

“I want more motivation to do x y and z”

Now, motivation is fantastic when we got it.


Motivation is unreliable.

Sometimes we got it, sometimes we don’t.

It’s fickle, unpredictable.


Is how we get ourselves to do things -even when we do not want to.

Willpower is a skill, a muscle that we can build.

The more we use our willpower, the more willpower we have.

The more we show up for ourselves, our goals, health, well-being, fitness, you name it - the more we will continue to.

Willpower keeps us going through the rough patches and moments where we might (or do for a moment) fall off our track.

Willpower pushes us past that I’ll do it for a few weeks and stop.

I’ll stay with it for a couple months and lose steam.

I start out really excited and motivated but I lose interest when I don’t see big results and changes quickly.

Willpower is how we continue to show up through this,

Continue to do the small and consistent actions and skills that build into our bigger change, goals and vision.

Now, you can use motivation and willpower together.

If you got motivation, use it!

And for those times that motivation is lower or not there for you, tap into your willpower.

You can make this happen.

You can start.


And show up for you!

Using motivation and willpower!

And knowing that long lasting change takes time -it will happen step by step.

You got this.

Now you might be wondering,

okay willpower, I can do it, sure,

but how?

Let’s look at a goal you want to do this coming week.


Let’s turn your goal from an idea into an action.

Did your goal sound like:

’workout more’

’lose weight. Feel better in my body’

’eat better’

What will help you to actually reach that goal? What is something that you can do this coming week?

That is your action.

It could sound like:

-Workout twice this week for 20 minutes walking, strength training, stretching, taking a class, etc

-Include protein in my dinner three times this week

-Stop eating before I am stuffed full for two of my meals this week

-Get outside and walk for 10 minutes 5 evenings this coming week

Now on a scale of 1-10,

1 being I will not actually do this. It won’t happen. To 10 being I absolutely can and will make this happen.

Where is the action you just made on this scale of 1 to 10?

If you thought less than a 10, what would help you to say 10?

Could you lessen the amount of time?

Shift the number of days of the week?

Add a reminder to help you remember? Book it into your schedule?

Grab a friend or family member for accountability and support?

What might shift your self doubt or hesitancy?

Let’s make it so you feel,

Yes! Without a doubt I can make this happen next week.

When we make things feel truly doable,

we are much much more likely to actually do the thing!

And! Remember that willpower,

The more that we do an action, show up for ourselves, get the thing done.

The more likely we will continue to.

We can aid our willpower and motivation in making actions happen by starting with something that currently feels achievable. 

If you are having an awesome day, hell yea you can do more. Bonus extra credit!

The key is you only have to do the totally achievable amount.

So that on the harder days, the more difficult to get going days,

It still feels just that little bit more doable to willpower through.

How can you use your willpower to show up for yourself, your health, the things you want this coming week?

Pop into my email if you’d like a little extra accountability, support, and a coach cheering for you along the way!

Tell me the action you will be making happen this coming week and I will be there to check in along the way 😊

Bonus opportunity for support, accountability, and comradery join my free Facebook Community where I and a fantastic community of women will be there to root you on, lift you up, revel in the struggles, celebrate your wins along the way!

Your coach,


I help you feel confident, comfortable, and strong in your body and health. To enjoy life!

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