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It is Okay and Healthy to Take Occasional Breaks. And How to Get Going Again!

It is okay and healthy to take occasional breaks.

We all need them.

The key here is that they are a break. A moment. Not forever.

This is different from stopping.  

The key to a break is that we start again!

Knowing that we will not lose everything if we take a week, maybe a couple, maybe a month off.

Many of my clients have taken small breaks within the holidays, travels, school breaks, and winter times.

I love seeing the look of pride that comes a little ways into our session of oh yea I can do this. The smiles that come from enjoying moving again, from them enjoying intentionally prioritizing their health and goals again.

Moving our bodies is magic!

Intentionally prioritizing our health is powerful.

You are strong and capable.

There is this moment a little way into the workout where the confidence starts coming, the oh hey I just lifted that and it was doable, I’m strong and capable!

So often, there is the fear that we will lose it all. That we cannot start from wherever we are. That we are starting from nothing. 

Your body holds strength. Remembers that you are capable. 

And! Likely you are using your muscles and that strength within your daily life!

You just gotta get and keep using them with intention.

Your strength does not leave you in a week, or even a month. You will not lose all of your progress and hard work immediately if you take a short break of time off.

I think of strength training as building strength to support us in life -both the everyday now, the things we want to do, and to keep our bodies strong and capable long into the future.

And our fitness, strength, nutrition, health, and overall well being are lifetime skills and places of learning -that will continue with us through many breaks, shifts, changes, new, and discoveries.

I just did my first full gym workout in over a month. Yep trainers and coaches take breaks sometimes too.

I went on a month long vacation. Where I felt great with my exercise and activity while enjoying my travels. I hiked, ice climbed, white water rafted, danced, and played in the snow. During this time, the moments I intentionally took for myself were to stretch, release tension, and move as felt good. Sometimes that was doing some squats. Sometimes that was not.

It has been fun for me to feel this for myself and see it in my clients who took breaks with the holidays, spring break, crazy busy months, being sick, new mom life, life just happening.

There is this moment a little way into the workout where the confidence starts coming back, the oh hey I just lifted that again and it was doable, I’m still strong and capable!

So often, there is the fear that we will lose it all.

Your body remembers. Remembers that you are capable. Holds the strength.

And! Likely you are using those muscles and that strength within your daily life!

Taking a break is different than stopping.


You might be thinking, okay but I took a break, how do I actually keep going and get myself going again?

How to get going again after a break (vacation, time off, hectic crazy week, life):

-Treat is as going back to the routine that you were in.

Whatever routine you were doing for your fitness, health, self. Go back to it.

Treat the break simply as a break from the routine that were and will be in again.

-Start with a smaller piece of your usual or desired routine.

Pick one or two pieces and focus on those for this week.

Once they start to feel doable and not overwhelming, add in another piece. And another.

Start with what feels the most achievable and approachable right now and build to the pieces that feel harder.

-Start fresh. Treat it as a clean slate. Reset. Refresh.

Pick one or two top priority things. What is most important to you right now, most useful?

Pick one action that supports that top priority and start there.

It could sound like:

-Workout twice this week for 20 minutes walking, strength training, stretching, taking a class, etc

-Include protein in my dinner three times this week

-Stop eating before I am stuffed full for two of my meals this week

-Get outside and walk for 10 minutes 5 evenings this coming week

Now on a scale of 1-10,

1 being I will not actually do this. It won’t happen. To 10 being I absolutely can and will make this happen.

Where is the action you just made on this scale of 1 to 10?

If you thought less than a 10, what would help you to say 10?

Could you lessen the amount of time?

Shift the number of days of the week?

Add a reminder to help you remember? Book it into your schedule?

Grab a friend or family member for accountability and support?

What might shift your self doubt or hesitancy?

Let’s make it so you feel,

Yes! Without a doubt I can make this happen next week.

When we make things feel truly doable,

we are much much more likely to actually do the thing!

Looking for more support, accountability, and camaraderie in getting going? Join my free Facebook Community where I and a fantastic community of women will be there to root you on, lift you up, revel in the struggles, celebrate your wins along the way!

Your coach,


I help you feel confident, comfortable, and strong in your body and health. To enjoy life!

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