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How to Get Started Working Out At Home (Part 1)

How to get started working out at home?

Looking to build your own home workout space?

Yes you can workout if you have 3 feet of space, a corner of the room, the garage, or a whole space set up.

Let’s start by looking at what equipment you already have and what options you could build in

We will talk through each so you know what will work best for you, your space, budget, etc

First: One key piece of equipment that each and every one has. And really the most powerful.

Your body.

Moving our body is a fantastic workout. Whether that’s body weight strength training (yep your body is a weight to lift), walking, dancing, running, Pilates, yoga, stretching, 

Now, when you are ready to invest in some equipment here are some starting places:

-A mat or pad

This can be a yoga/Pilates mat. A foam pad. Even a comfortable padded rug. Something that feels comfortable to lay down on. That gives you a smooth texture to stand on. Provides padding for harder floors -especially if you are in the garage, on concrete, hard tile, hardwood floors. Depending on your space you could use a single mat that is just big enough to lay your body down on. You could place two side by side for addition space. Or create a gym floor type space within the area you have available.

-Resistance Bands (small or long looped, long band, handled, fabric)

Bands are fantastic because they take up very little space, making them easier to store. I recommend placing them where you can see if you have a space you leave set up. Or putting them in a designated spot within the closet or bin so they are easy to see. They are easy to forget about because they are small! Bands come in many forms. The classic long bands you often get from physical therapy: in a light, medium, and heavy resistance. Loops can be fabric or plastic and small or long. They can also come with handles. Part of this choice will come down to the exercise moves you want to do and part will be your personal preference of texture, grip, etc. Start with trying out one type so you do not get overwhelmed.

-Weights. Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Adjustable Weights

Weights are fantastic to add to your home workout space! They can take up little space if you pick specific weights that you can use for many exercises. Dumbbells are a wonderful place to start out. A set of one or two weights brings many options. My recommendation: If getting one set of weights start with a moderate to you weight (7lb-10lb if you are totally unsure and have not lifted before. 10, 12, or 15lb if you are more comfortable and familiar). If you are able to get two sets: get one lighter (maybe a 5-8lb dumbbell set) and one heavier (10-15lb set). There will be moves you can naturally go heavier in because those muscle groups are bigger and more stabile and having two sets gives you the option to grow. Now, there are adjustable weights that you can look into as well. These are great if you have a small space and want big impact. They are a personal preference thing. Some love them. And some do not like doing the math to shift the weight and prefer single set weights. Find your fit. Kettlebells are also fantastic, dynamic at home weights. 

-Stability/Fit Ball

This one takes up some space! Living in a small space myself, I actually use my fit ball as a desk chair as well as for exercise. Stability balls are wonderful for strength, core work, mobility, and stretching. Plan for that ball to stay large. You will not use it if you plan to inflate and deflate it.

Recovery and Integration Focused Tools:

-Foam Roller

Foam rollers are awesome if you are stiff or wake up tense; your body parts, muscles often ache; if you tense, or experience ongoing pains.

Foam rollers also come in endless varieties these days. The classic roller is a long or short rounded tube. You can also find more dense ones. Ones with different divots in them. Wheels. Ones designed for your neck, back, whole body. Smaller rollers. Balls. We’ll be diving into foam rolling ideas next week stay tuned!

-Massage balls 

You can buy massage specific balls. You can also use something about the size of a tennis ball that isn’t super hard or a rough texture. You can also find larger massage balls that are about 4-6 inches. 

-Acupressure mat

Yep those mats with the spikes on them! Great for recovery, blood flow, tension relief. Another one that may or not be for you. You won’t know until you test it out :)

-Massage gun

One of my client’s favorite tools. You can find massage guns for under $100 and up to several hundred. Both are fantastic and it really comes down to your preference and budget. They have different attachments and can offer softer and more pinpointed pressure. Great for releasing tension! Leg, back, arm, forearm, glute pain.

Additional options:

-Foam blocks/yoga blocks

Foam blocks are great props for mobility and stretching. They are small rectangle blocks.

-Magic Circle

Great because it is small. Could be hung on the wall or in the closet. Or stashed in an equipment bin.

-Small inflatable ball

This is a small 4-6 inch ball that can be used to add some fun to exercise moves, especially core focused moves.

-TRX/suspension trainer 

Suspension trainers such as a TRX are fantastic full body strength and mobility tools. They are great because they can fold up small and neat into their carrying bag. You can hang it into a steady door, outside on a pole or tree, or anchored into your home.

-Ankle/wrist weights

These are small weights that wrap around your ankles or wrists. You most commonly will find them in 1-2 pound sizes. And can find also find them in 5, 10, even 15 pound options. Some are adjustable with removable weight pieces.

-Slider disks (can also use a towel on wood floors)

These are small circles disks that can slide on the texture of your floor. They typically have two different textures to be used on different surfaces. I personally also find a towel just as great if you have wood or smooth floors.

If you have a little more space:


If you have a set up space, a bench is a fantastic tool to add to your home workouts. It will add another level to your moves such as chest press, flies, rows, incline positions.


If you have space, a BOSU is a half fit/stability ball with a flat and round side. They are great for stability training for balance, core strength, and functional life preparation.

-Step Deck

You can find step decks that shift from a shorter to higher height. Some can also double as a bench!

-Plyo box

This is a foam like box that typically has different heights to it (such as 12in, 16in, 24in, 32in). This can be used as a seat, for hip thrust, a high step, to jump on, to prop your foot onto, for stretching, to lean onto for things like rows, incline or decline planks and pushups.

-Machines: Treadmill, stepper, bike, rower, rack, etc

If you have space for something that will stay in your space machines can be great additions. Some of these you can even slide below a bed or desk.


For those that have a set up home gym space and enjoy strength training, a barbell with plates can be a fantastic add on!

Now here you might be wondering, okay which do I choose and how will I actually get myself to use them?

In part 2 I will be diving into how to actually do the workout, get started, and stay with the workout plans you set for yourself, to build a sustainable lifelong health routine.

Your Coach,


I help you feel confident, comfortable, and strong in your body and health. To enjoy life!


Part 2 I give you all the tools you need to actually make your workout happen -at home, the gym, outside, you name it!

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