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Movement Moment No. 25

February 27, 2017

As I was walking around searching for a location for this week's video I stumbled into this sculpture in Golden Gate Park. "Three Gems" by James Turrell in the Turrell Skyspace. The sculpture alone is captivating. There is a circle in the middle of the cement dome that lets in the world above. As I walked in, I was immediately drawn to the acoustics of the space. The echoes and reverberations of sounds within and outside of that space make my body want to move to be to reverberate with them. In the circle nature of this dome, I found little communities of passing people come in and out during my time. People would stay and watch, come around the corner and happen upon movement, hear the sounds as they came in. I am enchanted by the way that circles bring people together. The way our movement, sounds, curiosity, art, inspiration bring us together. 



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