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Movement Moment No. 6

Hidden San Francisco Rooftops

Sometimes your day/week leads to filling time downtown waiting, barefoot dancing on an empty rooftop above the hectic bustle below. It's amazing finding moments of space and time within the constant motion. Thankful for the times life opens space.

Music: "Inhale Exhale" NAO

Westfield Center San Francisco

I took my scooter in for needed maintenance. The shop is all the way downtown. I didn't have a clear plan for my time. I could take the bus home, it would take an hour each way. I could just kill time around downtown and hope that it gets done quick. I ended up walking past places I spent time when I first moved and was hostel and couch surfing. Places with memories. I ended up finding my way up to one of the city's hidden rooftops. I had this hidden nook to myself for the good part of several hours. Dancing on a roof above a bustling mall and city streets below. This incredible sense of personal space and time within the hectic world around.

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