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I am drawn to collaborative multi-faceted projects and work. I am compelled by the ability to continually explore, discover, and research through movement. The intimacy, immediacy, vulnerability, and empowerment of movement fascinate and drive my artistic being. My performance experiences and skills range in a wide variety of formats and types including stage, site-specific, dance for camera, theatre, opera, and improvisational. I feel the most alive and empowered while dancing and performing. Giving everything that I have and being fully invested in that single moment is among my most favorite sensations. I love taking comand of the stage and audience focus while also fully connecting, moving, and integrating with the community of dancers on stage. Artists I have worked with include; KT Neihoff, Nicole Bradley Browning, Heidi Jones Eggert, Heidi Carlson, Christine Cali, Kim Epifano, Michele Antonioli, Steve Teran, Joy French, and Linda Murphey. Along with dance productions, I have performed in theatre and opera productions as a dancer. I performed with local Missoula Professional Dance Company Bare Bait Dance in the Spring of 2015. I have also worked in a wide range of styles through my training and experiences including: modern, contemporary, jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, musical theatre, contact improvisation, partnering, and heel work. Among my upcoming performances, I am presenting solo work at multiple venues around the bay area and will be a part of Epiphany Production's Last Blue Couch in the Sky this coming June 2017. 

Dance Perfomance Reel

"Raw Bare Crave"

Arina Hunter

Performed at: University of Montana Dance Productions Dance In Concert 2015, Dance New Works 2015, in the Missoula Community Rhythmic Motion produced by Arina Hunter

"Top of a Very Tall Mountain"

KT Neihoff

Performed at: American College Dance Association NW Regional Conference 2014, University of Montana Dance Productions Dance In Concert 2014, Benifit Concert 2014

Collaborative interconnected 7 dancer group piece.  


Arina- in the grey asymetrical dress 


"In Between"

Nicole Bradley Browning

Performed at: University of Montana Dance In Concert 2015



Arina- in white flowered dress, short hair


"Today's Artemis" 

Heidi Jones Eggert

Performed in: American College Dance Association NW Regional Conference 2015, University of Montana Dance Productions- Dance In Concert 2015, Benifit Concert 2015, Dance Up Close 2014



Arina- patterned crop top, balck skirt 

Performance Experience

Kim Epifano 

Last Blue Couch in the Sky. Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. San Francisco, CA. June 2017. 

KT Niehoff

Top of a Very Tall Mountain. Dance In Concert University of Montana(UM) and American College Dance Association Conference(ACDA) 2014.

Steve Teran 

Paradise. Dance In Concert (UM) and American College Dance Association Conference 2015.

Nicole Bradley Browning

In Between. Dance In Concert and University of Montana Graduation (UM), 2015.

Cupcake. Dance In Concert (UM), Dance Up Close (UM), and ACDA 2013. 

Homestead Dance. Moon-Randolph Homestead Missoula, MT. 2011. 

Heidi Jones Eggert

Today’s Artemis. Dance In Concert (UM) 2015. ACDA Colorado 2015.  Dance Up Close(UM) 2014.

Cadence. Dance In Concert (UM), Dance Up Close (UM), and ACDA Montana 2014. 

Joy French

The Legend of Orpheus. Opera. Missoula Community Theatre 2014.

Dance of the Furies.  Dance in Concert (UM) 2014. 

Michele Antonioli 

Swan Lake Excerpt. Dance In Concert (UM) 2014.

Jes Mullette

Blank Paper. Collaborative dance concert working with paper. 2014. 

Bare Bait Dance Company

Guest Performer. Springboard. Missoula, MT. 2015. 

Heidi Carlson/ODC Sandbox Series

Dancer. ODC Dance San Francisco, CA 2016. 

Other performance Experience

Student and Missoula Community member work for University of Montana and Missoula productions


Recent performances:

RAW (Resident Artist Workshop) SAFEhouse Arts February 8, 9 2017 8pm SAFEhouse Arts San Francisco, CA

Last Blue Couch in the Sky June 2-4 2017 Yerba Buena Center for the Arts San Francisco, CA 

Dance Mission Choreographer's Showcase April 10 4pm and 7pm Dance Mission Theater San Francisco, CA

Performance Workshop Christine Cali/Cali&Co February 28 6pm Little Boxes Theatre San Francisco, CA

Bare Bait Dance Company SpringBoard May 1, 2 and 8, 9 7:30pm, 2pm 9th Open Space PARTV UM Campus Missoula, MT

We Carry the Ocean Inside Us May 15th 7pm and 9pm 2015 Downtown Dance Collective Missoula, MT

Ballet Arts Academy Recital May 17th 3pm and 5:30pm 2015 Montana Theatre PARTV UM Campus Missoula, MT

Rhythmic Motion May 18th and 19th 2015 Headwaters Dance Co. Studio Missoula MT