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About Arina

I am a dancer, choreographer, videographer, and teacher currently based in San Francisco, CA. I am compelled by the rhythms and vibrations in movement and am drawn to investment and discovery. Dance creates and instills my awakened, enlivened being, and it is through performing and creating that I am able to connect to a deeper part of myself and the world. As an artist, I am drawn to the sensations of investment and full presence and being in the work.

I am originally from Portland, Oregon and have gained a piece of Montana in me. I received my B.F.A. in Dance from the University of Montana, specializing in Choreography/Performance and Teaching. Through my time at UM I had many opportunities to perform, choreograph, teach, and define myself as an artist. Among my experiences, I had the opportunity to work with and perform pieces by many incredible artists including KT Neihoff, Martin Keogh, Nicole Bradley Browning, Heidi Jones Eggert, Michele Antonioli, Steve Teran, and Joy French. To complete my BFA, I produced an evening length dance work Rhythmic Motion, exploring the body as an instrument in movement, which was presented May 2015. Recently I have worked with Kim Epifano, Heidi Carlson, and Christine Cali. I have taught extensively in studios, schools, and within the community. During my time at UM, I also developed my passion for dance for camera and the use of multi-media work with dance. I am compelled by the ability to capture dance, create new and reinvent possibilities, change the perspective, and choreograph through filming and editing. This past year I have presented work at the Choreographer's Showcase at Dance Mission Theater, LEVYdance Salon, Bare Bones with Paufve Dance, and will be presenting a longer work at SafeHouse Arts in February 2017.  I am drawn to many aspects of the dance and artistic world and enjoy being fully immersed in creative work. I am continually growing and crafting from each experience and love taking each unique piece into my creative being.